Rugged computers on the flight line

Long-lasting battery power, light weight, and good wireless connectivity are capabilities often demanded by forward-placed warfighters for their rugged computers. GCN’s (Government Computer News)  “Rugged Computing on the Aircraft Flight Line”  describes how these features are also critical for the maintenance of jets, an activity not usually associated with the front-lines.

GCN does a good job of explaining how application requirements should drive the specs of a computer. For example, one Air Force base uses tablets with scanning capabilities, so that work control documents can be scanned while maintenance technicians were still on the aircraft. This saved time and increased productivity.

Since AMREL does so much customization, we are accustomed to the kind of analysis displayed in the article, i.e. examining an application’s requirements to determine a computer’s specs.  For examples of fashioning a computer to an application’s needs, visit AMREL’s Customized Solutions.