Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference 2011 Report

Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference 2011 Report

GRCC 2011

Mike Castillo, AMREL’s Senior Architect for Robot Applications, just came back from the Ground Robot Capabilities Conference with all sorts of news.

“Research and development is out,” he reported. “Budget priorities have changed. DoD wants existing technologies with a small form factor that’s light and available right now.”

This news made AMREL happy since our product line is mature and even our new solutions are based on proven technologies. For example, at the conference, we successfully demonstrated our new payload controller. Based on the battlefield-tested Flexpedient technology, this payload solution is the first one with interoperable capabilities.

Future blog posts will feature more news about this year’s conference, our new payload controller, as well as other new AMREL solutions.

For more information about Flexpedient and interoperable solutions, watch the video on the Flexpedient  page.