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Mapping the unmanned future: CBO Policy Options & Other important documents

At a gathering of unmanned systems professionals, I heard a lot ofrobot attack  griping about product development.  Trying to deliver a system that the government wants was impossible, because of the time lag.  Who knows what the Department of Defense would want or need 2 or 5 years from now? All participants in the meeting agreed that it was the governments’ fault.  The Feds simply weren’t telling us what they wanted.  Well, it’s not for the lack of trying.  It seems every week there’s a new roadmap, report, vision, or long-term plan.  I recently reviewed my personal collection of downloaded documents and came up with:

One of my favorites is the CBO Policy Options for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  It is highly detailed about current & future unmanned systems, compares unmanned strategies across services, and attempts to estimate the financial effectiveness of different policy options.

How about you, dear reader? Do you have any favorite roadmap or plan?  Is there a particular document that you think is especially useful?  Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Richard Wagaman
    Richard Wagaman says:

    UAS future acquisition documents due the UAS community a great disservice by not telling the whole story about the actual acquisition of UAS capabilities. For example, the actual acquisition does not follow either the Defense Guidance or the annual DOD Acquisition Documentation sent to Congress. UAS capability is extemely time sensitive and many times year-old, and even month-old documents don’t capture the time critical nature of the UAS need. This time sensitivity is particularly important in the 2012/2013 UAS Acquisition since November 2012 is the next national election. No Congressperson or Administration Official wants to be blamed for not providing the best protection to his local voters who are serving in risky areas overseas. Specificaly, these documents need to track the history Service Requested funding and actual funding during a given Fical Year. Also, the documents need to discuss what factors could change UAS funding in future Fiscal Years.

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