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Interoperable First for AMREL Robot Payload Controller

AMREL releases the first Payload Controller that uses swappable, field-expedient Radio Control Modules (RCMs).  Radio components are integrated into the RCM, which fit into AMREL’s revolutionary swappable device bays.  RCMs can be easily switched in and out by ordinary personnel, enabling it to easily change applications.

Developed under AMREL’s Flexpedient® Technology, RCMs were first used in AMREL OCU solutions.  RCMs enabled AMREL to be the first company to produce an OCU solution that could control heterogeneous unmanned systems – even when they have diverse operating systems and different origins of manufacture.

“Now, the same RCMs that are used in our OCU solutions can be used in payload controllers,” explained Michael Castillo, Senior Robotics Architect for AMREL, “This creates an end-to-end communication subsystem with unprecedented interoperable potential.”

The RCMs fit into the device bays of the ROCKY laptops for OCU solutions. Tablets configured with similar device bays are the basis for the payload controller. Since both OCU and payload solutions are based on AMREL’s well-known ROCKY line of computers, these devices have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 9.

The inability to protect proprietary technology has been a major impediment in fielding interoperable solutions. AMREL’s Flexpedient® Technology has the best of all worlds: interoperable capability, proprietary technology, plus the ability to field novel applications on a mature platform. Furthermore, technological innovations are easy to integrate into the open-platform RCMs and AMREL computers.

“The RCM makes a payload independent from vehicle and application,” states Mr. Castillo. “If you want a new application, just change the RCM.  If you want to add a sensor to the payload, just use a flash drive to download the driver through the USB port of our tablet. You can even take the payload with the RCM and sensor and stick it anywhere you want — on another unmanned system, a mule, or just use it as a handheld device.”

To learn more about interoperable AMREL Flexpedient® Solutions, visit www.commoncontrolnow.com.

Many thanks to Robotics Tomorrow and Robotics Technology Consortium for publishing this announcement!