Why are there more unmanned platforms than customers?

Why are unmanned systems developers offering so many different kinds of platforms and ideas, when there is comparatively little demand by the civilian market? Why are there more offerings than customers?

These questions were raised in the Unmanned Systems group in LinkedIn. It provoked a number of insightful comments about the current state of unmanned systems and its future. If you are a member of LinkedIn, and can log in, you can read the discussion here. Read more


AMREL will once again be at the Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference (GRCC). GRCC is a big deal for us.  At past GRCCs, we’ve launched Flexpedient ® Technology for interoperable Operator Control Unit solutions, introduced the interoperable payload controller, and showcased the DB6, the smallest fully rugged handheld in the world with Windows/Linux OS.  This year, we are talking interoperability a step further with a line of complete Unmanned Subsystems solutions.  If you want a sneak peek at these remarkable new solutions, drop by Booth 310, and ask if there are there any tickets left to AMREL’s exclusive Technology Suite.   See you in San Diego!

What does Reversibility mean for the Defense industry?

What does Reversibility mean for the Defense industry?  On January 5, the new U.S. Defense Strategic Guidance was released.  Much attention was paid to the following:

US Dept of defense“DoD will manage the force in ways that protect its ability to regenerate capabilities that might be needed to meet future, unforeseen demands, maintaining intellectual capital and rank structure that could be called upon to expand key elements of the force.”

This line of thinking can be described as “ reversibility, ” a buzzword that has assumed prominence among those vendors who are trying to navigate the planned drawdowns and future budget cuts.  “Reversibility” acknowledges the overwhelming historical evidence that we have a rotten track record of preparing for the next war, and we need to be able to change course as the situation warrants. Read more