AEODRS : The Future of UGVs

The only fully funded military Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) program today is Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot System (AEODRS).  There is a very real possibility that it will shape the future of all UGVs in the military.  If you intend to work on a UGV for the Department of Defense in the next 10 years, you should familiarize yourself with AEODRS. Read how AEODRS can affect you here.


AMREL’s superlight handheld, the ROCKY DB6 will be used as a payload controller & OCU to display autonomous functions.  “The really amazing thing is that in less than 30 days, off-the-shelf DB6s have been integrated into two robots to perform multiple functions,” states Ron McMahan, AMREL’s Vice President of Engineering Solutions.  Look for us at the MacroUSA demonstration at the JIEDO challenge. Read more about the Robot Rodeo here.

The Future of Rugged Computers

What are the forces driving the technology of rugged computers? Where are rugged computers being used, and what are their future applications? How will the popularity of business tablets affect them?  We addressed these questions and others to Dr. Conrad H. Blickenstorfer, author of the Rugged PC Review as well as its blog. As one of the few independent voices in the world of rugged computing, he has a unique perspective. Here are his self-described “stream-of-consciousness” answers.  Read article here.


Utilizing UAVs for firefighting is well-known.  This video demonstrates unmanned systems being used for fire investigations, a completely different application. The ease of determining the causes of fires is directly related to the view the investigators have of the burned trees.  The perspective provided by high-definition cameras on small UAVs is close to ideal.  I doubt that many developers could have predicted this particular use for unmanned systems.  As unmanned systems diffuse into the civilian/commercial sector, we can expect more unexpected applications.