A tale of Two BOBs: Simple Solution for a Complex Problem

AMREL customizes a lot of computers.  Sometimes, the customization is almost a complete build-to-order.  Other times, it’s as simple as adding a connector to a laptop or tablet.  Actually, adding a connector isn’t so simple. Consider the conventional way of adding a connector to a mobile computer:

  • First space must be found to accommodate the connector
  • A hole and mount points must be machined into case wall
  • Power and signal wires must be soldered to mainboard and routed to backside of the connector
  • Finally, the laptop or tablet is reassembled and tested Read more


Wired.com took some videos of the action at the Robot Rodeo, including the autonomy demonstration, in which AMREL’s ROCKY DB6 played a major role.  Video below.

The ROCKY DB6, a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product, is the smallest, fully rugged handheld in the world that can run full Windows or Linux OS. DB6s acted as payload controllers and as an Operator Control Unit.  Read more about its role as a platform for autonomous functions here.

James Gathings Joins AMREL

James Gathings has joined AMREL as the new Senior Design Engineer. James is well known in the specialized field of rugged computer customizations.  Very few engineers have James’s background in this niche area. In addition to modifying computers at Getac for 13 yearsJames has a certificate of completion in Airframe and Powerplant. Read more