AMREL at Aviation Product Symposium

Army Aviation AssociationArmy Aviation Association of America, Tennessee Valley Chapter, will host the 39th Cribbins Aviation Product Symposium, and AMREL will be there.

Come by and see the RF9, the only fully rugged laptop with a 17” display, and the ROCKY DB6, the lightest fully rugged handheld in the world that can run full Windows/Linux OS .

Where: February 6 -7

Where: Table 35, Von Braun Center, Huntsville, Alabama

Why the future may not be a big deal in 2013 & how it will affect defense spending

Future of Defense SpendingThis is the third in a series of articles, which predict what will not happen in 2013. This article focuses on why the future may not occur this year, and how it will affect Defense spending.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Mayan

Just to be clear, when I say 2013 will not be the year that the future finally arrives, I am not predicting some kind of apocalypse.  In this context, I am talking about attributes we commonly associate with the future, such as innovation, progress, and improvements in technology as well as the standard of living.

 In some ways this assertion is strongly counter-intuitive. After all, you may be reading this article on a handheld electronic device that received it at the speed of light over a wireless data system.  Besides, didn’t you see that net-enabled fork at the Consumer Electronic Show?  How can we say the future isn’t happening?

Nevertheless, there are a surprisingly large number of experts who are questioning our traditional assumptions of progress.

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RSJPO Roadmap & ICAF Robotics Report

RSJPO Roadmap and ICAF Robotics Report

The last two blog postings were about what will not happen in 2012.  We thought we would take a break from this series and predict what you can expect.   Without a doubt, you can expect more reports, visions, and roadmaps from the Department of Defense.   Here are two recent DoD documents that are worth a look.

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Why NFC phone payment may not be a big deal in 2013

This is the second in a series of articles, which predict what will not happen in 2013.  One of the most touted recent trends is “contactless payment” with Near Field Communication (NFC).  Despite what some enthusiasts say, I don’t think people will be throwing away their wallets and credit cards this year for a NFC phone.

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Why cloud computing may not be big deal in 2013

cloud computing

The beginning of the New Year often marks an avalanche of stories enthusing about the “next big thing.” Usually, a glorious, completely transformed future is predicted due to the disruptive qualities of a new technology.

This article will be the first of a series in which I’ll try to let the steam out of a few commonly hyped trends.  To be clear, each of these technical innovations represents genuine change in the way we approach mobile computing.  I just think there are going to be bumps in the road.

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