Cartoon illustrates real-world issues for unmanned systems

bizarro cartoonSometimes, a simple image contains a lot of info.  For example, Dan Piraro’s “Bizarro” cartoon illustrates several real-world issues for unmanned systems, some of which are discussed in this blog:

How to profit from a government shutdown

gov shutdownAs I write, 3000 air safety inspectors have had their positions deemed “non-essential.”  The Center for Disease Control’s staff for tracking food borne illnesses has been cut by more than half. Bars in Washington, D.C. are expanding hours for idle workers. From these random government-shutdown events, we can conclude that that furloughed workers are being advised: don’t fly, don’t eat strange food, stay in town, and get drunk.


What about the rest of us?

As attractive as this advice is, it is not the best strategy for people who do business with the Federal government. How should Defense vendors and other providers deal with these shutdowns?

Notice the plural “shutdowns.” There is a very good chance that by the time you read this, the Federal government shutdown will be over.  However, given the logjam that characterizes modern politics, an unwelcomed repeat performance is more than possible.

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New! ROCKY DF6 Rugged Handheld – Small SWaP, Big Options

Filename_03AMREL announces the launch of ROCKY DF6, a fully rugged handheld that’s small on Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements, but big on options.  This is AMREL’s fourth generation of embedded products.

“It’s amazing how many options we packed into such a small piece of real estate,” declared Richard Lane, AMREL’s Vice President for Strategic Business Development. “The whole platform weighs less than a pound, and is less than a inch thick, but there are three separate locations for antennas, as well as three different spots for connectors of your choice. Once again, AMREL has taken the lead in mobile computing.” Read more