Happy Thanksgiving!


AMREL reminds you to be thankful that

our holiday meals have not been replaced

by Unmanned Turkey Systems

UGV cost & why they should have leather seats

Biggest problems facing robot developers

Recently, I interviewed Rob Culver, Director of AMREL’s Business Development and Sales of Unmanned/Manned Vehicle Systems.  Rob has done stints as a procurement officer, and in Special Projects Management Office at USASOC. After serving 23 years in the Army, Rob joined iRobot in 2005.  He traces his lifelong interest in robotics to reading Robert A. Heinlein’s “Starship Trooper” and Douglas Adams “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.”UGV with leather seats

My sense is that unmanned systems, especially ground vehicles, are at some kind of crossroads.  The technology is advancing rapidly, but the land wars are winding down.  The domestic market hasn’t increased to the point to make up for the slacking demand by the Department of Defense (DOD). What do you see as the biggest challenge to the industry?

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America’s Youngest Soldiers

drummer boy

You may think of drummer boys as cute mascots or the subject of holiday songs, but they were actually important military assets and suffered high casualty rates. This Veteran’s Day, we remember a time when America’s children answered the call to war.


Childhood ain’t what it used to be

The concept of childhood has been remarkably fluid throughout history.  Often regarded as little adults, children frequently worked hard on farms, in factories, and even in the militaries.  For example, young boys were a familiar sight in the British Navy during most of its existence.

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