The Defense Budget is a mess and I feel fine

DoD Budget Image“I think that if we tried harder, we couldn’t have made this budget more complicated….Abbott and Costello couldn’t have done it better.”  Christine Fox, Acting Deputy Defense Secretary (Defense News)

Even judging by the Department of Defense’s (DoD) long legacy of confusing budgets, the most recent version is setting new standards for head scratching.

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New ROCKY RK10 Fully Rugged 15” laptop – Faster & More Powerful

laptop-rk10-prod-gallery-14-180x180AMREL revealed major upgrades for its most popular laptop, the 15” ROCKY RK10.  Adding performance to a proven platform, AMREL has added a powerful i7 processor, improved storage, expanded memory, and enhanced connectivity.

“It’s really a rugged laptop for the 21st century,” explains Kalvin Chen, Vice-President of Operations for AMREL. “Modern applications, such as video streaming, are very data heavy.  The new upgrades improve the RK10’s capability for processing large amounts of information.” Read more

Amazon Deliveries & Unmanned Logistics

As the unmanned community chases the Holy Grail of civilian applications, it is instructive to observe the diverse reactions to Amazon’s plans for UAV deliveries. Responses ranged from mocking satire to arguments for UGVs. Unmanned delivery is already happening in a few places.  Below are links to some of the many reactions from around the world and on the web.

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What moral issues are there in using autonomous military robots in a conflict?

robot-apple ethicsRecently, the above question was asked in Quora, a social media website.  Below is my answer.  As you will read, my primary motivation was  in preventing people from forming onions based on superficial analysis and insufficient information.

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