DB6 & Target Acquisition [VIDEO]

This amazing video illustrates how the DB6 is integrated into a lightweight Ground Target Acquisition System (GTAS).  Made by the Israeli defense giant, IAI, the GTAS is clearly designed for the classic Special Forces mission, i.e. a small number of soldiers infiltrate enemy territory and locate targets.

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Colbert makes fun of unmanned morality [VIDEO]

The NAVY is thinking of teaching morality to autonomous unmanned systems.  Some are troubled by possible dystopian implications of this announcement. Others see prospects for financial and technological advancement.  Stephen Colbert sees opportunities for ridicule and satire.
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Swarm of Microbots (video)

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Creepy robot video of the month

Swarm Of Insect-Inspired Microbots Is Unsettlingly Clever

Fascinating video illustrates capabilities of a hive minded unmanned system, whose mobility is generated by magnetism.  Also, it gave us the creeps.
Rocky RS11 Rugged laptop

Don’t panic – There is no “robot gap”

Chinese UAV An opinion piece.

ForeignPolicy.com has a very good article on unmanned systems (there is a registration wall, but it’s free). Written by Michael C. Horowitz, Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, The Looming Robotics Gap is full of interesting facts and figures.  The only problem with the article is that its central premise – the United States military is in immediate danger of losing its technological edge – is a load of hooey.

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Why the Internet Explorer patch is a big deal

Explorer FixEmail in the draft folder of every IT person in the country

 “Dear IRS/HP/DOJ/GM/etc employee,

 As of April 23, 2014, it is this institution’s policy that employees are prohibited from using Internet Explorer (IE) while at work. You can still use IE at home for personal browsing, although we would have to reevaluate your basic intelligence if we discover you are doing so.

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