Dangerous fireworks [VIDEO] Happy July 4th!

amrel-logo 2.jpg bottom croppedWishes you and your family a happy and safe July 4th


There are many ways of celebrating our freedom. Bar-B-Qs. Parades. Watching videos of people doing dangerous things with fireworks.

Below are three of our favorite dangerous fireworks videos.

Needless to say, don’t try this at home.


Firework Minigun

Don’t try this at home. Really.

Roman Candle Minigun (1001 shots in 45 seconds)

Remember how we said you shouldn’t try to replicate the stunt in the first video? That goes double for this one.


For some reason, this guy doesn’t do anything dangerous the first 7 or 8 minutes of this video.

 BTW, for the love of heaven, don’t try this at home!


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