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Counter-Terrorism Lessons from Israel

As images of bloody bodies flow in from Brussels and Pakistan, we once again search for an appropriate response to the horror of a successful terrorist attack. Some people call for revenge. Others declare liberties are a luxury that we can no longer afford. Many seem stunned into inaction. What are we to do? At […]

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Is your smartphone more reliable than your desktop?

I have encountered an interesting prejudice. Some people have confidently informed me that the smaller the form factor, the more reliable it is.  Laptops are more reliable than desktops, but less reliable than tablets, which aren’t as rugged as handhelds. To be clear, whatever rugged platform AMREL sells you – tablet, laptop, or handheld – […]

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Nine Defense Questions for the Next President

If you were to hire a CEO for a company with a budget of $600+ billion, wouldn’t you ask them some questions about it?  Wouldn’t you want to know if they were familiar with company’s programs, and how they intend to manage them? Evidently, the media and politicians don’t think so.  Sure, Senator Sanders has […]

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What the heck is an Unmanned Ground Engineering Vehicle?

Recently, Tom Green, founder and editor-in-chief of Robotics Business Review put on a webinar about an Unmanned Ground Engineering Vehicle (UGEV).  Before I explain what a UGEV is, a little background. In the webinar, Tom Green noted that we are soon approaching the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima accident and the thirtieth of the Chernobyl disaster. […]

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How to buy the right biometric device

Biometrics is of one the world’s most important emerging technologies. They are used to accurately identify criminals, disburse benefits, manage events, protect financial transactions, authorize access, and fight fraud.  If you are considering buying a biometric device, here are a few questions that you need to ask. 1) Do you need to read this article? […]


You Can Virtually Become a Rugged Tablet Manufacturer

Sometimes it takes an outsider to state the obvious. AMREL built the Flexpedient® AT80 Android Tablet to be an infinitely configurable computer platform that could be customized quickly and simply. Still we were surprised when Conrad Blickenstorfer, Editor in Chief of Rugged PC review began his analysis of the AT80 tablet with the headline, “Your company, too, […]

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Ten Ways Mobile Business Solutions Succeed and Fail

When offices first went digital, a large number of businesses failed to successfully integrate computers. One story that I heard more than once was “We bought computers six months ago. Now they sit on the shelf in a closet where they are a very expensive way of gathering dust.” Something like this is currently happening […]

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What to look for in 2016

Recently, I read several articles that listed predictions, e.g. “Top Ten security Risks in 2016.”  Like everyone else who services Defense and Security industries, AMREL is always looking ahead to see what products and services will be in demand. What I noticed is that none of the articles predicted the big stories of 2016 that […]

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New Unmanned Learning Method

An article posted in ExtremeTech is interesting, not only for the implications for unmanned systems, but also as an example of how a technology developed for one purpose can be used for something else entirely. As noted in this blog, worldwide aging populations have generated interested in “social welfare” unmanned systems. These robots will assist […]

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Russia’s Armed Unmanned Vehicle [VIDEO]

Check out the video below of Uran-9, the new Russian unmanned armored vehicle. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? This thing packs: 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon Coaxial 7.62mm machine gun Ataka Anti-Tank Guided Missiles According to Defense Talk, it has “a laser warning system and target detection, identification and tracking equipment.” Russia has big plans to promote […]

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How to sell robots to the military

Recently, I was asked to answer a question on the social media site Quora.   I was asked, “How does a person get their robot design/prototype bought by the U.S. military?”  Here is my answer: This is one of those “if you have to ask, forget about it” questions. Selling to the American military is a […]


ROCKY DT10 – Rugged, Sunlight-Readable Tablet with Keyboard

AMREL announces the release of the ROCKY DT10, an upgraded version of its sunlight readable, fully rugged tablet with a built-in keyboard. “There are several significant upgrades,” explains Javier Camarillo, AMREL’s Senior Application Engineer. “Many will notice the bright 700 nits rating. Another visual upgrade is the display’s optical bonding, which is a special technique […]


AMREL in “The Martian”

If you have seen The Martian you may have noticed the appearance of our ROCKY DK10 rugged tablet. Using hexadecimal language, it’s Matt Damon’s only communication with Earth. Although not rated for extraterrestrial use, the choice of the DK10 is not surprising.  The Hurt Locker, The Losers, Zero Dark Thirty, and other movies have all featured AMREL […]

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Windows 10 Tips & Tricks [VIDEO]

I looked at a number of videos that offer the best “tips and tricks” on the Microsoft’s latest operating system. I found that vast majority fell into 3 categories: Ones that featured narrators who spoke with nearly indecipherable accents. Ones that featured narrators that spoke so fast that I couldn’t figure out what they were […]

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Latin America Defense Market: Hot or Not?

Americas Society/ Council of the Americas has an interesting infographic on Defense spending by Latin American countries in 2013 (see below). While worldwide Defense spending fell 1.9% in 2013, it actually increased in Latin America by 2.2%. Gangs, drugs, and other transnational criminal activities are driving military expenditures. A couple of things to keep in […]