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AMREL launches line of fully rugged displays

AMREL announces the launch of MOJAVE, a complete line of fully rugged displays. Display sizes include 10”, 15”, 19”, 22”, 24”, 40” and 46”. “Many of our clients have been asking for them,” explained Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s…
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APEX AH53, the New Muscular Android Handheld

AMREL announced the launch of APEX AH53, a rugged Android Handheld with a 5.3” display. “The APEX AH53 is the result of listening to our customers,” explained Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s VP of Operations. “They said they wanted four things…
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AMREL New Rugged Night Vision Computing Solutions  

AMREL now offers a full line of turn-key night vision solutions, fully compliant with MIL-STD 3009 and CECOM (CSLP) standards. “AMREL’s rugged laptops, tablets, and handhelds are the perfect platforms for night vision solutions,” states…
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AMREL Offers Unprecedented Choices for Mobile Avionic Solutions

AMREL now offers a full line of turn-key, fully rugged avionics solutions, complete with integrated MIL-STD-1553 cards. Form factors for stand-alone solutions include tablets, laptops, and handhelds.  AMREL mobile avionic solutions directly…
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AMREL powers up world’s only 17 inch fully rugged laptop

AMREL revealed that the ROCKY RF10, the world’s only  17.1” fully rugged laptop, has been upgraded. Adding performance to a proven platform, AMREL has boosted the ROCKY RF10 with a powerful i7 processor, expanded memory, Solid State Drive…
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New ROCKY RK10 Fully Rugged 15” laptop - Faster & More Powerful

AMREL revealed major upgrades for its most popular laptop, the 15” ROCKY RK10.  Adding performance to a proven platform, AMREL has added a powerful i7 processor, improved storage, expanded memory, and enhanced connectivity. “It’s really…
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New! ROCKY DF6 Rugged Handheld - Small SWaP, Big Options

AMREL announces the launch of ROCKY DF6, a fully rugged handheld that’s small on Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements, but big on options.  This is AMREL’s fourth generation of embedded products. “It’s amazing how many options…
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World’s Lightest, Thinnest Rugged Laptop - NEW!

AMREL announces the launch of thinnest, lightest rugged laptop on the market. Leveraging 25+ years of experience of supplying rugged computers to warfighters as well as Public Safety officers, AMREL has developed a fully rugged laptop that is just an inch thick and is so light that it can be held in one hand.
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The New ROCKY DR10 8.4” & ROCKY DK10 12.1” tablets are here!

ROCKY DR10 8.4” and ROCKY DK10 12.1” tablets are now available for purchase. Faster, brighter, and tougher, these represent major upgrades.