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Don’t panic – There is no “robot gap”

 An opinion piece. ForeignPolicy.com has a very good article on unmanned systems (there is a registration wall, but it’s free). Written by Michael C. Horowitz, Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, The Looming Robotics Gap is full of interesting facts and figures.  The only problem with the article is that its central premise – […]

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Why the Internet Explorer patch is a big deal

Email in the draft folder of every IT person in the country  “Dear IRS/HP/DOJ/GM/etc employee,  As of April 23, 2014, it is this institution’s policy that employees are prohibited from using Internet Explorer (IE) while at work. You can still use IE at home for personal browsing, although we would have to reevaluate your basic […]

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JIEDDO & Preserving Counter-IED Knowledge

The article below originally appeared in the Counter-IED Report. Concerns are being expressed that all the counter-IED knowledge that’s been learned during the protracted wars against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan will be lost if the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) is slashed or abolished under the proposed plan to scale back the […]

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AMAS & Army’s Big Unmanned Fleet

Recently, there has been a bit of press about a Capabilities Advancement Demonstration of autonomous vehicles at TARDEC (Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center).  My favorite headline about the demo so far is Is the U.S. developing a ROBOTIC army? (Daily Mail UK). Notice the attention-grabbing, alarm-generating capital letters for “ROBOTIC.”