Biometric Tablets & Smartphones Solutions

Your Choice of Hardware Solution

Whether you’re a system integrator or developer, AMREL offers a suite of tablet and smartphone biometric devices compatible with your requirements.

Not everyone has a requirement for the same mobile biometric device. AMREL lets you choose a tablet, a dedicated smartphone, or even a commercial smartphone. Built upon our customization expertise, our mobile biometric devices are designed for quick customization and easy prototyping, so you can get the exact solution you want.

We offer a suite of biometric products ranging from Windows® and Android™ tablet and smartphone solutions. Whether you’re looking for a 4” to 5+” smartphone or 7” to 10.1” tablet, we’ve got you covered.

Multimodal systems increase security

Biometrics include a wide variety of modalities, including fingerprinting, iris recognition and facial capture. Using more than one modality reduces the problems of noisy data, “spoof” attacks and unacceptable error rates. Leverage our feature-rich camera, 2D barcode, smart card reader, NFC, options and accessories when you integrate your iris, facial, voice, and other modalities with our platforms.

By deploying multimodal biometric systems, AMREL mobile solutions increase accuracy, reduce criminal access, and save time.

Save time by enrolling and verifying in the field

We devised practical, durable, reliable mobile solutions that enable enrollment as well as authentication and verification in the field. This eliminates unnecessary trips back to the station/base/office, and saves you hours of time. Our mobile rugged biometric solutions capture and generate the highest quality images on the market.

High quality means less work

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) research demonstrates image quality directly impacts identification match accuracy. By deploying the highest quality sensors on the most reliable platforms, we reduce the potential for missed identification/verification of a subject, additional secondary workload processes, and overall fingerprint examiner workload.

FAP 45 certification = Confidence

AMREL’s biometric solutions use SherlockTM, the world’s thinnest, lightest weight, certified fingerprint scanner. This industry leading rugged sensor has been certified by the FBI to generate high-quality FAP-45 (Appendix F) and PIV compliant Electronic Fingerprint Templates (EFT). Not only does this save you time by reducing errors and the necessity for repeat operations, it allows access to greatest variety of databases, including the national Integrated Automated Fingerprint Information System (IAFIS).

Rugged Biometric Smartphones

XP7-ID Ultra-Rugged Biometric Smartphone

First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) mission is to establish, operate, and maintain an interoperable public safety broadband network. Police, fire and disaster-response departments are scrambling to comply with the demanding requirements of this new national system. AMREL gives you a head start with our FirstNet-compliant Ultra-Rugged XP7-ID Biometric Smartphone, which also has capabilities for P-25, 4G-LTE, Code 3/Officer-In-Distress and Push-To-Talk.

  • Toughest biometric smartphone platform in the world
  • MIL-STD 810G and IP-68
  • FirstNet ready and PTT ready
  • Can use gloves or wet fingers on sunlight-readable capacitive touch screen
  • Large dual cell battery for extended operation

BioFlex® Rugged Fingerprint for Commercial Phones

AMREL’s new durable BioFlex® case allows you to quickly and simply add biometric capabilities to the most smartphones (especially those used by Law Enforcement). Stay current with latest smartphones without sacrificing investments in previous models.

  • Economical & simple rugged smartphone fingerprint solution
  • Turns a commercial smartphone into an enrollment and verification device
  • Light-Emitting Sensor (LES) FAP-45 Fingerprint Scanner
  • MIL-STD 810G & IP65

Rugged Biometric Tablets

Flexpedient® AT80B – 8” Rugged Biometric Tablet

Mobility without sacrificing functionality is constantly in demand. Enjoy greater mobility with this ideal screen size and lightweight device. The AT80B biometric tablet enables you to capture single or dual pressed and rolled prints on-the-go. Enhance other functions by integrating your peripherals or adding additional I/O ports (e.g. USB, RJ45, Serial). Personalize your solution by adding your logo on the device.

  • Less than 1 inch thick
  • Under 2 lbs (0.87 kg)
  • Flexible platform for extra hardware integration and customization
  • Certified to IP-67 for water and dust proof
  • Private labeling available
  • Also available as standalone tablet

APEX PX5/PM5 – 10.1” Biometric Tablet

  • Crisp high-definition display with capacitive touchscreen
  • Powerful Core i5 or balanced ATOM processor available
  • Multiple options available: NFC, Smart card, 2D barcode, etc.
  • Complete accessories for mounting, docking, and charging
  • Also available as standalone tablet

BIOPTIX PM3 – 7” Windows Biometric Tablet

  • Brightest 7” tablet for outdoor use
  • Authenticate with ID scan, NFC, fingerprint, or passport (MRZ) reader
  • Ideal for patrol, check points, border patrol, and field enrollment/verification
  • Complete accessories for mobile or stationary application