Flexpedient® AT80B Rugged Biometric Tablet

The Flexpedient® AT80B is a simple, mobile device that can capture high quality (FAP45) fingerprints anywhere, anytime. By using the industry-leading Sherlock® sensor, the AT80B significantly reduces ghost latent prints and False Rejections Rates (FRR). It lets you enroll fingerprints in the field without frustrating multi-reads. With an enviable IP67 rating, the lightweight Flexpedient® AT80B is fully rugged saves you time and money by decreasing repairs, lost data, and unnecessary trips to non-mobile biometric stations.

Biometrics Just Got Tough
The Flexpedient® AT80B earned its IP67 rating the hard way. We’ve dunked, baked, and froze this durable Android tablet and it still works. Ideal for field work in challenging environments, you will not find a more reliable biometric tablet solution.

The BEST Fingerprint Images
The industry-leading Sherlock® two-finger roll scanner uses cutting-edge Light Emitting Sensor (LES) technology to produce high-resolution images. Rated FAP45 (PIV and Appendix F), the scanner’s LES surface is less susceptible to smudging than the traditional glass surface, so there are fewer errors. Furthermore, special optical bonding reduces glare, reflection, and distortion. Good for enrollment, verification, and identification applications.

Flexibility = Economic Prototyping = Successful Adoption
Designed for easy customization, the Flexpedient® AT80B makes it easy to incorporate end-user feedback into any roll out. Reduce the risk of adoption failure and gain maximum flexibility in adapting to real-world application scenarios.

Official FAP 45 Certificate

Official FAP 45 Certificate