AMREL Ultra-Rugged XP7-ID Biometric Smartphone

“The lightest, smartest, toughest, customized, mobile biometric solution in the world”

Lightest, smartest, toughest, customized, mobile biometric solution in the world. Certified to IP68 & MIL-STD 810, AMREL XP7-FAP45 Rugged Smartphone enables enrollment and verification in the field. Industry-leading Sherlock LES Technology generates FBI-certified FAP-45 EFTs, facilitating connectivity with multiple databases. Capabilities include FirstNet, P-25, 4G-LTE, Code 3/Officer-In-Distress and Push-To-Talk.

Enroll and verify in the field
No more taking a suspect’s word for their identity. No more wasting time driving them to a booking station. AMREL Rugged XP7-ID lets you capture fingerprints with a device so small, you can hold it in one hand.  Since the AMREL Rugged XP7-ID generates Electronic Fingerprint Templates that are FAP 45 certified, you will get accurate information from the widest possible number of databases.

The toughest smartphone. Period.
AMREL Rugged XP7-ID biometric solutions are built on the most rugged smartphone found anywhere. Independently certified to IP68 & MIL-STD 810, the AMREL Rugged XP7-ID is shock, drop, and water resistant.

Interoperable communications
You have a wide choice of communications options over tactical/ public networks including FirstNet and P-25 as well as 4G-LTE. Supports Code 3/Officer-In-Distress functionality, leadingedge Push-To-Talk performance, as well as SMS, MMS, email.

Built for the real world
Go ahead and use your wet fingers or gloved hands on the capacitive multi-touch touchscreen. The 4” Blanview LCD display has great outdoor visibility. The 4820mAh large dual cell battery enables long operation. Even the speakers are extra loud.

The solution you want
AMREL’s proprietary Flexpedient® Solutions enable you to quickly change applications in the field by simply switching modules. You can easily expand this biometric device to other applications, such as e-ticketing, and barcode reading.


Official FAP 45 Certificate