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disaster robots

Disasters are good for unmanned systems [VIDEOS]

Suppliers of military unmanned systems are constantly on look out for possible civilian applications. One promising civilian application is their use in disaster response. Unmanned Ground Vehicles crawl through the rubble of destroyed buildings looking for survivors. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles inspect buildings, bridges, wharfs, and other structures for damage and structural […]


Unmanned Ant Vehicles [VIDEO]

Unmanned system designers are exploring bio-mimicry and hive intelligence. The video of “BionicANTs” below illustrates both trends. Each individual mechanized ant uses control algorithms to cooperatively solve complex problems. Although they collectively perform a task, each individual ant engages in actions at a local level that are determined by autonomous decision making. Thus, they mimic real ants. […]


Lincoln, War, and Good Friday

On April 15, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The news hit the country liked a punch in the stomach. The pro-Union forces were still celebrating the end of the war. For weeks, Northerners gathered in the streets to drink, parade, and sing songs glorifying their victory. What a victory it was! Not only had […]

net lies

The Lies of Net Neutrality: An Opinion Piece

Even by contemporary political standards, the debate about Net Neutrality has been clouded by an extraordinary amount of dishonesty. While legitimate arguments can be made in both sides, some common assertions are simply untrue. Furthermore, the people who are saying these deceitful things are often high-level bureaucrats or CEOs of internet companies who presumably should […]

future soldier

Future Soldier Technology [VIDEO]

Recently, we took a gander at “Recon,” a TV show on ArmedForcesUpdate. Their episode on “Future Soldier” is a step above most Defense videos. In a relatively brief time, they cover exoskeletons, invisibility cloaks, small arms, sensor systems, brain-machine interaction, power sources, helmet technology, and body armor. The role of end-user feedback as well as […]


Rugged Android Tablet Previewed at PLRB 2015 Claims & Insurance Conference

AMREL will preview its new, rugged Android Tablet at PLRB 2015 Claims & Insurance Conference. “AMREL is developing mobile computer solutions specifically for the insurance industry,” explained Linda Talcott, Director of Product Marketing. “We thought the conference would be a good place to showcase our new Android tablet, and get feedback about the industry’s requirements.” […]

solider smartphone.bmp h

The Confusing World of Smartphone Displays

Whenever I buy consumer technology, I feel stupid.  For example, when I shopping for a smartphone, and I ask about the different kinds of displays, a salesman  will reply with something like “IPS and TN are really just both TFT LCDs. For maximum color representation, you really want an IPS like they have on HTC, and LG.”  The salesman assumes that […]


AMREL launches line of fully rugged displays

AMREL announces the launch of MOJAVE, a complete line of fully rugged displays. Display sizes include 10”, 15”, 19”, 22”, 24”, 40” and 46”. “Many of our clients have been asking for them,” explained Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s Vice President of Operations. “Since we do a lot of customizing, we are very sensitive to our customers’ needs.” […]


Unmanned Systems Markets: Present & Future [TABLE]

Since I work for a company that sells to unmanned system developers, I am always on the lookout for information about market trends. Toward this end, I scanned a number of promotions for marketing reports, selected out bits of information, and summarized them in the table below. Unmanned Systems Markets: Size and GrowthSources include Markets […]