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World’s First Personalized Rugged Android Tablet

AMREL announces the launch of Flexpedient® AT80, world’s first personalized, rugged Android tablet. With the Flexpedient ® AT80 rugged tablet, you can: Choose colors to match your style Co-brand by engraving a logo on the tablet to promote your organization Integrate application modules, such as Common Access Card (CAC) reader, barcode readers, fingerprint scanner, etc. […]

self driving car accident

Self-driving car accident [VIDEO]

Autonomous cars supposedly have a great safety record.  They do not make mistakes.  This frequently heard assertion is hardly comforting after viewing the video below. Volvo explained the accident by stating that the autonomous system involved was not designed to avoid pedestrians (that’s a more expensive option than the one installed in the car in […]

memorial day

Freedom & Memorial Day

Everyone likes Memorial Day, but that hasn’t stopped people from arguing about it. In modern times, controversy has surrounded moving the date of observance from May 30 to the last Monday of May. Some argue that the three-day weekend “cheapens” the somber meaning of the holiday. A more ancient argument is the location of its […]

sofic 2015

See you at SOFIC

  Get a sneak peek!  AMREL will show off its new rugged Android tablets & handheld devices at this year’s SOFIC! AMREL will feature a preview of some its newest, most advanced rugged computing solutions including: Android/Windows solutions, such our new Android handhelds. Super-slender laptops, such as  the ROCKY RV11 the thinnest, rugged laptop on the market that […]


AUVSI 2015: Impressions & Rumors

AUVSI Unmanned Systems Conference was bigger and better than ever. AMREL was there of course. What did our team think of this tradeshow? Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) explosion UAVs were everywhere. It seemed as if everyone was peddling their own UAV or looking for one to invest in. Not all were impressed with the proliferation […]