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Warrants for UAVs?

Along with 6 other states, California is considering mandating warrants for police surveillance by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).  Exceptions include “fires, hostage crises, chases, and search and rescue.” What about crowd control? Policemen once told me that this was the number one application for which they wanted UAVs. Observing a demonstration (especially if it’s legal) […]

Counter IED training & Mobile Devices

When I researched this article about Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) training, I couldn’t help thinking about communities near Tijuana in which the the homes are built out of discarded garage doors.  Garage doors aren’t the first thing anyone thinks of when building a house, but the people near the border didn’t have building materials.  […]

What military technology will disrupt future markets?

Recently, someone asked a question on Quora about which military technology is more advanced than its commercial counterpart.  How would you have answered this question?  What military technology will disrupt future commercial markets? A modified form of my answer follows: I think the question is based on a premise that may be outdated. Traditionally, the […]

Battlefield interoperability is here, sort of

For decades, the American military has pursued the related goals of interoperable combat communications, netcentric warfare, and team/joint warfare. These Defense initiatives have been more noted for their challenges than their successes. In fact, problems facing true interoperability seemed so great that I had associated it with the drive for procurement reform, i.e. a good idea, but […]

FirstNet By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC & PPT]

Oregon’s Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for FirstNet, Steve Noel, had a problem.  He and the Oregon state outreach team needed to contact hundreds of officials about the ambitious plan to provide interoperable communications for First Responders.  Even for communications professionals, FirstNet is not the easiest thing to understand. [layerslider id="31"] Inspired by Pinterest, they […]

No more free UGVs for police

As the violent images of Ferguson, Missouri permeate the media, a debate has erupted about the “militarization of police.”  Strangely, this controversy might affect the utilization of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) by Public Safety departments.  The same federal program – Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) 1033 – that delivers riot shields and automatic weapons to police […]