How can I make my laptop boot faster?

fast computerEssentially, there are 4 easy things to make your laptop boot faster:

  1. Get a good SSD drive for your OS and programs, then use a second HDD for your data.  Since there isn’t a spinning disk to deal with, the seek time for data is incredibly fast. You will see a big difference right away and you will continue to see fast boot times over time.
  2. From the start menu, type in MSConfig to manage your start-up programs and other process to increase performance. For instance programs that you do not use very often, but turn on during start-up should be omitted from the start-up processes
  3. Move your page file to your HDD instead of your boot drive. One less large file to read on the boot drive.
  4. When researching for a new Antivirus solution, look for respectable review sites that speak highly of an antivirus program that doesn’t suck up a lot of resources in general.  Sometimes, they may specify a program that has a very small impact on boot up. Many low quality antivirus programs scan items on boot up, but the better ones tend to listen or monitor for signs of viruses and take the appropriate action only when needed. The only time these programs will slow the boot up is when they detect a virus.