AMREL Joins EDGE® Innovation Network

American Reliance, Inc. (AMREL) announced that it has joined the EDGE® Innovation Network, an initiative of industrial, academic, and government leaders that use cooperation to accelerate the delivery cycle of new capabilities to warfighters and first responders.

AMREL is best known for its ROCKY line of rugged, mobile computers, trusted by warfighters for over 20 years.  AMREL has customized its ROCKY platforms for common robotic control, handheld multimodal biometrics, mobile mesh networks, hybrid off-grid energy systems, and battlefield medical applications.

“Our involvement in the EDGE Network will be a win-win experience” explains Richard Lane, Vice President of Strategic Business Development. “This brings new opportunities to the company for collaboration, while allowing us to offer our expertise in rapid prototyping and customization of our rugged mobile computer line – as well as introducing our hybrid battlefield energy systems to the Defense and Public Safety industries.”

Pete Palmer, EDGE Innovation Network director, said, “The EDGE bridges gaps between end-user needs and current capabilities by rapidly identifying, prototyping and promoting new solutions. By applying the EDGE process, the government can quickly and cost-effectively review innovative products that can be delivered to users within months rather than years.”

Sponsored by General Dynamics C4 Systems, the EDGE has successfully delivered innovations including a Soldier Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Receiver to the U.S. Army. Currently, there are over 10 projects in development. Worldwide, there are currently six EDGE Innovation Centers and over 160 members.

“AMREL participation in the EDGE Network is an expression of our basic business model,” says Mr. Lane. “We succeed in highly competitive fields by actively seeking feedback from end-users, and matching their needs to the latest innovations. Teaming with strategic partners to rapidly deploy ‘best of breed’ technologies is a familiar role for us.”

Welcome to AMREL’s new website!

Welcome to AMREL’s new website!

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