Tablet Night Vision Solution

CS-Rugged-Tablet-Night-Vision-Solution.jpg 2


Typical of AMREL’s off-the-shelf customizations, this ready-to-go solution uses industry-leading SafeNight™ non-flammable polymeric optical filters. Perfect for covert ground as well as aviation missions.


Customized Specs

  • NVIS filter (2.5% transmission)
  • No IR signature
  • Full color rendering
  • Option for electronic Night Vision mode
  • Night Vision Solutions also available for handhelds and laptops.

ROCKY DF7A with Radio Card

DF7A-with-radio-card-expansionDespite its compact size, the ROCKY DF7A is an extremely flexible platform.  On its top surface, you have options for an embedded antenna, as well as  two SMA connectors for your choice of external antennas. On the bottom, there are three different locations for your choice of connectors.

However, a more radical change was required when a client wanted to install a radio card that that was too large. Our customization experts constructed a larger chassis to accommodate radio card’s size. AMREL has done similar customizations for ROCKY DS11 tablet and ROCKY DB7 handheld.



AMREL’s New Biometric Handheld – World’s Toughest & FBI Certified

AMREL has announced the FBI’s certification of XP7-ID, the world’s most rugged biometric handheld.xp7

“This is an important milestone not just for us, but for the security and law enforcement community,” explains Richard Lane, AMREL Vice President of Strategic Business Development. “This certification will expand access to the XP7-ID, which is quite simply the most rugged highly integrated biometric smartphone in the world,”

To be on this exclusive FBI’s Certified Products Listing, the XP7-ID was tested and found to be in compliance with the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) System Image Quality Specifications. The review of the test data was conducted by the Technology Evaluation Standards Test Unit, a part of the Biometric Center of Excellence led by the Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

“This certification is just one step on the XP7-ID journey into widespread adoption,” states Mr. Lane, “AMREL worked hard to create a ‘best of breed’ total solution platform that meets the needs of end-users. XP7-ID works on all the carrier networks including AT&T, Verizon, and FirstNet. XP7-ID has features that rival Push-To-Talk radios, live-scan booking stations, in-vehicle computers, as well as body-worn video cameras.”

AMREL developed the XP7-ID in cooperation with Integrated Biometrics. Fingerprints are captured by the industry-leading Sherlock, an Integrated Biometric module which utilizes a state-of-the-art Light Emitting Sensor.  This sensor is fully rugged, uses little power, needs less maintenance than traditional methods, and captures FAP-45 quality images.

“Integrated Biometrics is proud that our LES technology is part of the AMREL XP7-ID Biometric Smartphone, a rugged device serving mobile identity needs in any environment,” said Mike Grimes, President of Integrated Biometrics.

Although the XP7-ID is designed for use in a variety of situations, special measures were taken to serve the Public Safety community. When asked about this biometric device, Assistant Chief William ‘Bill’ Leist (Ret) California Highway Patrol replied, “The XP7-ID is designed to fit the needs of modern law enforcement. The enrollment capability for high quality fingerprint capture will save officers from making unnecessary trips to booking stations.  Furthermore, its exceptional ruggedness will ensure it will not break down at critical times.”

For system integrators as well as Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) software developers and vendors, the XP7-ID is the ultimate Android hardware solution platform. Supported with full application program interface (API), Software Development Kit (SDK) and developer portal, independent developers will be able to connect with every resource needed to build highest quality solutions for mobile identification.

Read more about the AMREL XP7-ID here.

Mobile Weapons Control Station [VIDEO]

AMREL is well known for its Operator Control Units for Unmanned Ground Vehicles.  We also make control systems for other kinds of solutions as well.  Nicknamed “the DK Flipper,” this dual-screen mobile weapons control station has a separate display for power and video input. This customized DK10 tablet acts as a force multiplier by enabling a single person to control several Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (ROWS).


Check out this video of the DK Flipper in action,

controlling a .50 caliber machine gun.

DDG-1000 Shipboard Handheld COMMS

Most people know AMREL for its rugged mobile computers, but did you know that over 80% of the products that we sell are customized? Not only that but we are the only rugged solution provider that extends manufacturer’s guarantees to modifications and routinely customizes low volume orders at low-to-no NRE.

This month we begin a new blog feature that will highlight interesting customizations.  Our first customization to be spotlighted is a handheld communication device that we developed for the futuristic DDG-1000 destroyer. Supplying mission-critical equipment for marine environments presents very specific challenges, such as the ability to withstand salt fog and extreme humidity.  In this instance, special requirements, such as push-to-talk functionality, also had to be met.

DDG-1000 Shipboard Handheld COMMS

DDG push to talk


Handheld device can be used as a PDA and a walkie-talkie; capabilities include Email, audio record/playback, video record/playback, wireless networking, VOIP, and data transmission/reception. Operates successfully in harsh military maritime conditions.

Client: U.S. Navy / U.S. Coast Guard

Customized Specs:

  • Push-To-Talk Soft Button
  • Integration
  • SNMP Application on the Mobile 6.1
  • FED-STD-595 26307
  • Grey color
  • Headset retention modification

Want to learn more about AMREL customization capabilities?

Call 800-882-6735 and ask to speak to Javier, our Senior Applications Engineer. You can also email us at or upload your contact information by clicking here.