DB6 & Target Acquisition [VIDEO]

This amazing video illustrates how the DB6 is integrated into a lightweight Ground Target Acquisition System (GTAS).  Made by the Israeli defense giant, IAI, the GTAS is clearly designed for the classic Special Forces mission, i.e. a small number of soldiers infiltrate enemy territory and locate targets.

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What to look for in a rugged handheld device [Infographic]

Handheld infographicThis handy-dandy animated infographic gives tips for evaluating rugged handhelds.  View it here.

New! ROCKY DF6 Rugged Handheld – Small SWaP, Big Options

Filename_03AMREL announces the launch of ROCKY DF6, a fully rugged handheld that’s small on Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements, but big on options.  This is AMREL’s fourth generation of embedded products.

“It’s amazing how many options we packed into such a small piece of real estate,” declared Richard Lane, AMREL’s Vice President for Strategic Business Development. “The whole platform weighs less than a pound, and is less than a inch thick, but there are three separate locations for antennas, as well as three different spots for connectors of your choice. Once again, AMREL has taken the lead in mobile computing.” Read more

New Android Interoperability Capability [FREE DOWNLOAD]

rightside_menu_5You may not have had a chance to see AMREL’s new interoperability capability at AUVSI, but you can read about it on your free download.  Just as our Flexpedient® technology revolutionized OCUs for UGVs, we think interoperable Small Lightweight Expansion Devices (SLED) will become standard for handheld applications.   Click here.

AMREL demonstrates interoperability for Android device at AUVSI

AMREL will demonstrate a pioneering interoperability capability for an Android/ARM device at AUVSI 2013 this August in Washington, D.C. 

“This is really unique,” said Ron McMahan, AMREL’s Vice-President of Engineering Solutions. “No other company produces handheld or control devices that have the ability to switch applications in the field as efficiently and easily.  One platform, multiple applications; that’s the story.”

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Magical medical-grade computers

Magic MRK8I used to work in healthcare, and like many people involved in that field, I became quite cynical about its practice.  For one thing, modern medicine may be hi-tech, but people can treat it as if it was magic. Patients sometimes demand prescriptions from a doctor for medicines that they can get over the counter. The prescription is unnecessary, but it is “magic,” because it is from a doctor.  Doctors have been known to take x-rays, not for diagnostic purposes, but because the “magic” image impresses patients and helps ensure compliance.

What about so-called “medical-grade” computers? Do doctors really need one? What exactly is a “medical-grade” computer, and is it good for anything else besides healthcare?  Are they magic or hi-tech?

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What you don’t know about handheld controllers can hurt you

handheld controllerOriginally, only the IT guy was supposed to attend the trade show.  He had a tech background and frequently doubled as a purchasing agent. However, the police sergeant had performed Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) missions in the military. The chief thought the experienced, older man could bring insight to the department’s process for acquiring an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)…

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Did smartphones & tablets kill the PC? Part II: Software & innovation exhaustion

This article is a second in a series.  To read “Part I:  It’s an iPad world, not Windows PC at work, tablets at home8’s” and the article in full, click here.


The PC is not dead; it’s just not at home

With 300 million sales this year, it may be a bit premature to mourn the passing of PCs.  What the decline in PC sales really signifies, some argue, is the death of the home desktop. Take a look at these Business Insider illustrations:


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Did smartphones & tablets kill the PC? Part I: It’s an iPad world, but not Windows 8’s

The decline of PC

Way back in the antediluvian ages of 2010, when everyone thought the “Harlem Shake” was IDC PC sales declinesomething you drink, Apple introduced the iPad.  Nobody, even Apple, really knew how the market would react.  After all people already had smartphones, laptops, netbooks, and the old standby, the desktop PC.  Did folks really want another form factor?

Turns out they did. Tablets sales took off, while PC sales stagnated.  As the above chart from International Data Corp (IDC) demonstrates, the first quarter of 2013 reported a 14% drop in PC shipments, falling below 80 million units for the first time since 2009.  This is the worst quarterly report since IDC began tracking PC shipments in 1994. Read more

How to Use Parts of a Broken Cell Phone as Survival Tools [Infographic]

Hammer smartphone

Suppose you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing, but a broken smartphone?  Don’t despair!  The good folks at ansonalex.com have info that could save your life.  Check out the infographic below:

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