DB6 & Target Acquisition [VIDEO]

This amazing video illustrates how the DB6 is integrated into a lightweight Ground Target Acquisition System (GTAS).  Made by the Israeli defense giant, IAI, the GTAS is clearly designed for the classic Special Forces mission, i.e. a small number of soldiers infiltrate enemy territory and locate targets.

The virtues of the GTAS are the same as the DB6: light, mobile, rugged, and elegant.  The video demonstrates how well the DB6 handles a constant stream of data heavy imagery. You can thank the DB6 powerful Intel® Atom™ Processor for that.

When you watch the video, please note the DB6 customizations:

  • Cover
  • Joystick
  • Additional buttons

To learn more about the DB6 – the world’s smallest rugged computer that runs full Windows/Linux – click here.