Disaster Relief Vehicle

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A mobile disaster relief vehicle

All-in-one turn-key solution

AMREL’s Disaster Relief Vehicle (DRV) is the market’s first all-in-one mobile turn-key solution that provides communication, water purification, emergency power, medical, and rescue equipment. Within minutes upon arriving at the disaster site, the DRV generates self-sustaining electricity & perimeter lighting, establishes data & voice communication, and purifies available water for storage & distribution.

First-aid supplies, medical & life-saving equipment, and search & rescue tools are conveniently stored on-board and easily accessed for quick deployment.  The DRV effectively streamlines support infrastructure, so your emergency response, search & rescue, and medical teams can start saving lives immediately.

With the collaboration of medical shelters, ambulances, medical teams and other relief aid vehicles, AMREL’s DRV quickly transforms a disaster site into a mobile medical center.  Rescued victims are treated at medical shelters, fresh water is distributed without delay, and real-time disaster site status is transmitted to the central command center.  Hybrid green energy solution provides power on-demand 24/7.

Utilizing an advanced communication system that transmits live videos of victims, disaster response status, medical needs, and critical support requests, the DRV mobile command center mobilizes the right resources to effectively save lives in the first critical 72 hours.  Sophisticated short-wave radios and redundant communication systems keep all teams in close contact, so rescue efforts are effectively coordinated.

AMREL’s DRV enables military, government agencies, local municipalities, first responders, and humanitarian relief agencies to save lives by facilitating a quick and effective response to disasters.