Flame-throwing UAV roasts a turkey [VIDEO]

I lived overseas for several years. When I came back to America, one of the differences that I noticed was that more men were seriously into cooking.

Not just any cooking either – manly cooking.  Guys were deep-frying whole turkeys and even tenderizing meats with explosives (“Well, sure it’s dangerous, but so what?”).

The video below demonstrates part of this manly cooking trend; it shows an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV AKA “drones”) cooking a turkey with a flame thrower.

The same person once posted a video of a UAV with a gun rigged to it. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was not amused.  Attaching weapons to aircraft is expressly forbidden by the FAA.

However, it is an open question about whether or not weaponized UAVs are protected by the Second Amendment. For a detailed discussion on this topic, see this US News article.

My next bumper sticker:

“When roasting turkeys with flame-throwing drones is outlawed,

only outlaws will roast turkeys with flame-throwing drones.”