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image-mrk8-comp2The Next Generation Mobile Health Solution

HealthVue ™ Solutions utilizes a highly accurate, non-invasive, and low-risk instrument that can detect and monitor heart conditions. With this revolutionary device, alternative healthcare practitioners will be able to, for the first time, validate and demonstrate their treatment efficacy.

HealthVue™ Solutions will enable healthcare practitioners to:

  1. Validate alternative medicine companies’ product(s) or technology
  2. Monitor the effectiveness and progress of alternative treatments for individual patients

HealthVue™ Solutions’ diagnostic instrumentation provides insight and transparency to the main engine that drives our body – the heart.  If your technology, product, service, or treatment is focused on treating the heart or reducing the risks of heart disease, HealthVue™ Solutions is an invaluable tool for documenting the effectiveness of your interventions.

HealthVue™ provides a clear picture of an individual’s heart condition as well as their risks.