File this under things that make America great.

Evidently, some big box stores sell impressively sized barrels of a food-like substance called “cheese balls.” No one can figure out what to do with them (eating them is apparently out of the question).

A YouTube enthusiast,  NightHawkInLight, has an extensive video channel featuring do-it-yourself projects, such as making a canon out of paper and making pharaoh snake fireworks.

Someone suggested that NightHawkInLight make a canon that fires cheese balls, because…well, why not?  As a commenter on his YouTube video webpage stated, the real question is not why he did it, but “Why did it take you this LONG to build a cheese ball machine gun?”

The engineering is surprisingly simple. All one needs is a tub of cheese balls,  plastic PVC piping, and a leaf blower. See video below.

AMREL appreciates the ingenuity of the cheese ball cannon. We often have to resort to some pretty imaginative thinking when it comes to our customized solutions.

The Department of Defense has been investigating nonlethal weapons for years, so the cheese ball cannon may catch their interest. The “Pacific Tilt” makes a confrontation with China more likely, and a dairy-based weapon makes sense when fighting a nation with a famously high rate of lactose intolerance.

However, the real question is, “Can the cheese ball cannon be a force multiplier?” AMREL says yes. After all, we developed a control system for operating multiple remotely operated .50 caliber machine guns. We could easily do the same for a series of cheese ball cannons.

In fact, I think this cheese cannon could be a perfect complement to the Active Denial System (ADS) AKA “heat ray.” When the nonlethal ADS is deployed in combination with the cheese ball cannon for crowd control and counterinsurgency operations, the cheese melted by the heat could be used to feed both soldiers and civilians.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a great way to win hearts and minds. Have you ever seen a picture of a suicide bomber holding a sandwich?

We salute you cheese ball shooter. Dream Big and Dream Often.

Watch the video below.