Marine Jargon

marine iowa jimaOn November 10, the Marine Corps celebrates 239 years of service to the United States of America.  Brought into existence by the First Continental Congress, on 1775 the Marine Corps has seen many battles and brought the fight to the enemy on many shores.

Among themselves, Marines use a special language.  Here is a small sample of some of their jargon, supplied by AMREL’s very own devildog, Richard Barrios, Web Marketing Specialist.  Happy Birthday and Ooh-Rah!

Ooh-Rah!:  The Marine version of “Hoorah!”

UnSat:  Referring to someone who is not organized or very good at their job or task

IT:  Means Incentive Training.  In boot camp this is how punishment was delivered through exhausting exercise.  In the fleet it was a term used to use negative re-enforcement to teach someone how to do it right.

Hollywood Marine:  Marine trained at MCRD San Diego, CA.

Horse shoe:  A hair cut that only Marines really get.  It’s basically a high and tight (Flat top) with the top of the head shaved down.  From above it looks like a horse shoe

 WM: Women Marine.

Unqu (pronounced “Unk”):  Short for unqualified.  Referring to someone who failed their rifle qualifications.  Also refereeing to missing the mark on a task or activity.

Put your E-tool away:  Referring to your entrenching shovel and that your are digging a bigger hole for yourself the more you talk.

Smoking lamp (on or off):  Old Naval term for when it’s OK to smoke.  Now used as a term for free time.

MCD:  Marine Corps Detachment;  Marines stationed on a base that is primarily occupied or run by another branch of service.  Basically you are a guest there for a period of time.

Quarter Deck:  Boot camp reference for the area in which IT is being administered.  In the fleet the term is used when you are in big trouble and you have to stand in front of your Platoon Gunny, First Sergeant, or Officer and explain yourself.  Also known as “Standing tall” or “Standing tall before the mast/Man”.

Standing tall before the mast/man: Refers to the Naval tradition of serving your sentence with a lashing while standing against the mast of a ship. Currently, it means taking responsibility for your actions; don’t run from your mistakes.

 03 (Pronounced, “oh 3”):  Refers to the general term for a grunt or infantryman.  The MOS can be 0311, 0331, 0351, 0302 and so on.  Also referred to as “03 hump a lot”.

 If you want more Marine jargon, Wikepedia has a long list.