For almost 20 years, AMREL’s well-known ROCKY computers have been a welcomed sight on the battlefields. Warfighters know that in mission critical situations, their ROCKY computing solutions will come through for them. AMREL integrates the latest technological advances for BiometricsRobotics, and Communications, while preserving the mature computing platforms that soldiers have relied upon for nearly a generation.

The ideal medical computer for your tech

Applying a generation of expertise in building rugged computers, AMREL has developed a medical-grade computer that is durable, flexible, compact, and mobile.  The perfect platform for medical computing solutions, it not only meets AMREL’s high standards for ruggedness, but it’s also certified for IEC 60601-1, which is required for building medical instruments.

Industrial: When good businesses buy bad computers

More and more businesses are looking to military-hardened rugged computer solutions to save them money. AMREL has been supplying rugged computers for nearly two decades, so we know the most common errors commercial buyers make. Make sure you buy smart.

Public safety: The other front line

For almost 20 years, AMREL has applied its expertise for delivering rugged, military computer solutions to the needs of Public Safety. Designed to maximize limited space and as well as limited resources, our solutions are as dependable as the First Responders that use them.