ROCKY Rugged Computers

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ROCKY Rugged Computers

Fully Rugged, Highly Flexible.

For over 28 years, fully rugged ROCKY computer platforms have survived gunfire, combat, tornados, fire, mud, and car crashes. Whether they’re working on a moving train, running into a combat zone, or pursuing a criminal, warfighters, First Responders, and industrial workers know their ROCKY computers are as tough and reliable as they are.

AMREL’s battle-hardened ruggedized computers have successfully been used in applications for unmanned systems, biometrics, military & critical communications, Public Safety, construction, surveying, and many more.

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From COTS to Customization, AMREL delivers what you need

Don’t settle for less from rugged computer companies, especially when you have specific or unique requirements.  Only AMREL provides Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) computers with the flexibility to customize.

For a rugged solution that is tailored to your requirements, AMREL offers you multiple options:


cots-150-179x129dpiChoose from our off-the-shelf rugged laptops, convertibles, tablets, and handhelds.

Modified COTS

mod-cot150-179x129dpiWant a COTS computer, but also want minor modifications? Special connectors, ports, and hardware integrations are easy. Check with our technical specialists to discover how we can modify AMREL’s COTS computers to meet your needs.


customization-150-179x129dpiContact our team for a free consultation to learn how a unique computer platform can be built to your special requirements.

AMREL makes it trouble-free for you to meet your requirements and integrate your application.  We are the only rugged computer provider whose manufacturer’s guarantee includes customization.

AMREL’s ROCKY computers are:

  • Easily customized, so even low volume orders have low NRE
  • Open-platformed
  • Future-proofed, so upgrading and reconfiguration are effortless