How to swap out your drive bay on a ROCKY RT9

Short video shows how easy it is to change the hard drive, battery, and CD-ROM unit of the rugged AMREL ROCKY RT9.

Rocky RS11 Rugged laptop

DB6 & Target Acquisition [VIDEO]

This amazing video illustrates how the DB6 is integrated into a lightweight Ground Target Acquisition System (GTAS).  Made by the Israeli defense giant, IAI, the GTAS is clearly designed for the classic Special Forces mission, i.e. a small number of soldiers infiltrate enemy territory and locate targets.

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Swarm of Microbots (video)

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Creepy robot video of the month

Swarm Of Insect-Inspired Microbots Is Unsettlingly Clever

Fascinating video illustrates capabilities of a hive minded unmanned system, whose mobility is generated by magnetism.  Also, it gave us the creeps.
Rocky RS11 Rugged laptop