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defense strategy plan

National Military Strategy of USA 2015

The first revision since 2011, a new National Military Strategy was recently released. The following quote reflects some of the report’s major concerns. “For the past decade, our military campaigns primarily have consisted of operations against violent extremist networks. But today, and into the foreseeable future, we must pay greater attention to challenges posed by […]

iran deal

The Iran Nuclear Deal is a Disaster. I support it. [OPINION]

“The first three things I asked my briefers about when I woke every morning were Iran, Iran and Iran,” -Marine Gen. James Mattis (Washington Times) The recent nuclear arms control agreement between Iran and the P5+1 (UN Security Council members plus Germany) is one of the most important diplomatic agreements of this generation. It has spurred heated controversy, and has […]

afgahan bomb disposal

Afghan Counter-IED efforts

While the US presence in Afghanistan may be minimal, counter-IED efforts persist.  Indeed, it appears to be one of the few areas in which Afghans are actively trying to emulate the Americans they are replacing.  The following article originally appeared in Strategy page. In Afghanistan the government officially recognized their most effective EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) […]


Android Tablet Opportunities for VARS/Resellers

AMREL is providing unprecedented opportunities for VARs and resellers to distribute Flexpedient® AT80 rugged, Android tablets. “This is a big deal,” declared Javier Camarillo, AMREL’s Senior Application Engineer. “We have structured the reseller program to make it as easy and profitable as possible.” Unlike many reseller agreements, there is no required minimum order, and no […]

satire or truth.jpg small

Duffelblog: Satire or Truth?

The wonderful Duffelblog website specializes in military humor, usually from an insider’s perspective. I find the articles sharp, funny, and often revealing about what’s going on in today’s military. The only problem is that the satirical stories are often indistinguishable from reality. For example, the supposedly funny headline Pentagon to Rename Confederate Bases for Army Values sounds […]

police soldier

Are soldiers turning into police? An informal conversation

Sometimes the best way to learn about a subject is just to listen to a bunch of well-informed people sit around and casually discuss it. This is the basis of AMREL’s Rugged Radio Podcast, in which we talk about the so-called “militarization of police.” William M. Arkin, writing in Gawker, has turned this controversy on […]


World’s First Personalized Rugged Android Tablet

AMREL announces the launch of Flexpedient® AT80, world’s first personalized, rugged Android tablet. With the Flexpedient ® AT80 rugged tablet, you can: Choose colors to match your style Co-brand by engraving a logo on the tablet to promote your organization Integrate application modules, such as Common Access Card (CAC) reader, barcode readers, fingerprint scanner, etc. […]