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Defense Procurement Bumped Up by $26b

Budget cuts and a lack of direction have created an anxious atmosphere for many Defense vendors.  Recent events, however, provide cause for cautious optimism.  For one thing, the 2015 Defense budget made it through the Senate appropriations committee. This is a hopeful sign that the government may avoid the dangerous, near-default showdowns that have made […]

What’s in your bag?

Suppose you have a bag of plug-and-play hardware/apps for your laptop, what would be in it? AMREL has a proprietary technology that allows you to instantly install hardware in your DVD/CD drive. So far, we have modules for different radio frequencies, biometric enrollment, targeting solutions, operator control units for unmanned systems, and others. What would you […]

Building the 2021 Affordable Military [DOWNLOAD]

The bipartisan Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has been rated the “…number one think tank for security and international affairs” (Wikipedia).  Power brokers and key influencers staff the CSIS, and when they talk, people listen. What they have to say about how we spend money on Defense will undoubtedly be heard by important decision […]

DARPA Robotics Challenge

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) don’t get much love. Their aerial cousins, usually described by the technically inaccurate term “drone,” receive much more publicity, as well as greater funding. UGV developers fear that the Defense budget squeeze will disproportionately affect them. However, one federal agency still believes in promoting UGV development. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) […]

The Unmanned Future is Cute

Two possible scenarios from the year 2035: Business development telephone call “Hi, Diane, this is Samar.  Did you see the new RFP from the Palo Alto police?” “Yeah, I got it right here. ‘Urban Disorder Suppression Vehicle.’  The kinetic package sounds nasty.” “Your guys interested?” “Sure.  We’ll do the ISR.  You do the vehicle platform. […]