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Bomb Suit Runs

Bomb Suit Runs [VIDEOS]

While Unmanned Ground Vehicles have saved countless lives, the “bomb suit” is still a fact of life for Explosive Ordinance Detonation (EOD) personnel.  Somehow, running a mile, and even 5K, in these 80-pound suffocating suits have become charity events. Why do they do these runs? The world female record holder says it’s part of their training, […]

animal attacks

Animals Attack UAVs [VIDEOS}

For unmanned systems, the air is a relatively simpler environment than the ground. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), unlike their earth-bound counterparts, do not have to navigate culverts, bridges, people, cars, and other obstacles. The FAA’s anxieties have mostly focused on concerns about privacy and airplane collisions. There is one other problem that we should be […]


The Great Mysterious Landpower Robot Revolution  

Everyone knows that unmanned systems will change everything for land forces.  However, no one is sure what those changes will be. “It is, of course, impossible to predict exactly how the Landpower robot revolution will unfold.” The above quote was written by Dr. Steven Metz, the Director of Research at the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) […]

future 2

Top Tech Trends in 2015 [VIDEOS]

I recently viewed a lot of “Top Tech Trends in 2015” videos and I am depressed.  Not because the videos lacked typical tech-evangelist optimism. No, I am dispirited, because of sad similarities that afflicted so many videos. Most “Top Tech Trends” videos can be categorized into 2 types.  One type is blatantly self-serving. “Everybody will […]


The Return of the IED

Thanks to Islamic State, the IED danger has just gotten worst in Iraq, one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. The following story originally appeared in the Counter-IED Report. ISIS’s latest threat: laying landmines Militants from the group calling itself Islamic State (IS) are booby-trapping land and buildings with improvised explosive device […]

sea ice

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle maps Antarctic Ice [VIDEO]

An Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)  braved the hostile Antarctic seas to give us a view of the underside of sea ice.  When combined with satellite and other data, this should produce the first 3-D map of Antarctic sea ice. Read the scientific paper here and/or watch the Reuters video below. (Warning-short ad before the video)