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AMREL Offers Unprecedented Choices for Mobile Avionic Solutions

AMREL now offers a full line of turn-key, fully rugged avionics solutions, complete with integrated MIL-STD-1553 cards. Form factors for stand-alone solutions include tablets, laptops, and handhelds.  AMREL mobile avionic solutions directly communicate to aircrafts without an intermediate server. “It’s really a question of capabilities,” explained Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s VP of Operations.  “AMREL is known […]

Robot Selfie of the Month

Below is a selfie taken by the Rosetta spacecraft, as it approaches a comet. Not only can you see the dumbbell-shaped comet in the upper background, but one of the spacecraft’s solar arrays are visible. Rosetta will deliver its lander, Philae, to  the comet on November 12.  This is the first-ever attempt at a soft touchdown on a comet. […]

End-users want UGVs now

Ground wars are winding down (kind of, maybe), so the speeded-up acquisition process for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) is slowing down.  However, American soldiers are still performing explosive ordnance disposal.  Not only do they want their UGVs, but they also want them souped-up with more reliable communications, common controllers, and delivery trucks that automatically unload.  And they […]

Will the unmanned future be American?

The unmanned community has been demoralized by the tightening of the Defense money spigot. Specifically, many are concerned that American leadership in this important field will fall behind as the Defense funding decreases. In a previous post, this blog reviewed “The Looming Robotics Gap” (Foreign policy) and found its fears of failing American unmanned superiority […]