AMREL & Canvas Offer Android Enterprise Cloud Solutions

AMREL and Canvas, a cloud-based software service and mobile app platform that transforms how companies collect and use business information, announce a new partnership. They will provide Android­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ enterprise solutions for the industrial market, including evaluations, inspections, data collection, reporting, dispatching, and estimation.

“Android platforms are wildly underutilized for enterprise applications, and we are going to change that,” declares Linda Talcott, AMREL’s Director of Product Marketing. “Partnering with Canvas will enable us to meet industry requirements for enterprise solutions through customized mobile computing systems.”

A critical element of this effort is AMREL’s Flexpedient® AT80, the first truly industrial-grade rugged Android tablet. Built to the rigorous environmental standards of MIL STD 810 and IP67, the AT80 is one of the few Android tablets to offer serial (RS-232) and Ethernet (RJ-45) interfaces. Built for fast customization and flexibility, the AT80 has an unparalleled range of options. Connector or application devices can be quickly integrated. Logos can be added, while a wide variety of colors are available. Visit

With no programming Canvas enables businesses to replace expensive, inefficient paper forms. Utilizing the AT80 tablet, business information is easily collected, shared and integrated into existing backend systems. Canvas offers the first business-only application store of its kind.  Servicing 30+ vertical markets, its 18,000+ pre-built, fully-customizable apps work on all mobile platforms. Each app can incorporate GPS, image capture, barcode scanning, electronic signatures, push notifications as well as access to business data such as parts catalogs, price lists, and patient records.

Together AMREL and Canvas offer complete, customizable web-based Android solutions for a multitude of industrial field applications. Working in remote locations, personnel can upload completed information to a network or even work offline.

“By combining Canvas’s capabilities with AMREL’s rugged Android platforms, we have created a convenient, flexible and cost effective solution for a vast portion of field personnel in the industrial market,” explains Ms. Talcott.

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“Canvas continues to see traction for its mobile data collection platform in industrial markets such as construction, oil and gas, public safety, mining and manufacturing,” says Andrew Cantle, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development at Canvas. “AMREL’s rugged Android tablet is an ideal product for Canvas customers with field workers operating in challenging environments who need to collect and share information in real-time. We are thrilled to announce this joint offering.”

Contact Linda Talcott at (800) 882-6735 or

Android Tablet Opportunities for VARS/Resellers

BlogArtAMREL is providing unprecedented opportunities for VARs and resellers to distribute Flexpedient® AT80 rugged, Android tablets.

“This is a big deal,” declared Javier Camarillo, AMREL’s Senior Application Engineer. “We have structured the reseller program to make it as easy and profitable as possible.”

Unlike many reseller agreements, there is no required minimum order, and no complex legal agreements.

“We keep it dead simple,” he explained. “The typical reseller should be pleased with the no-hassle arrangement as well as the healthy profit margin.”

The Flexpedient® Android AT80 tablet was designed to appeal to the typical end-user. Lightweight and boasting the popular Android operating system, it has demonstrated an appeal beyond the usual rugged markets.

“Typically, only the military and First Responders buy rugged computers, which are more durable than commercial systems,” explained Mr. Camarillo. “Recently both consumers and enterprises have expressed interested in rugged systems.  In the long run, ruggedness saves money due to reduced repair, lost work, and replacement costs.”

“We have received inquiries from scientists who want them for collecting field data in remote locations,” stated Mr.  Camarillo. “Folks want it for aviation applications. Oil & Gas companies like its impressive IP 67 rating, as well as its lightweight mobility.

“Since it is easily modified, product developers have been calling us. A major league baseball club has bought the biometric version to help manage events at their park. This is a great opportunity for an aggressive reseller.

“One reseller described us as the Humvee of rugged tablets, because we are transferring military products to the industrial and commercial markets. Just like the Humvee, we are offering Flexpedient® AT80 rugged tablets in a variety of colors. We also offer engraved custom logos for companies interested in promoting their brand.”

Standard features include Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean), 8” 10-point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display, front/back 5 MP cameras, 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth®.

To learn about the Flexpedient ® AT80 and VARs/reseller program,

contact Javier Camaillo at: (800) 882-6735  or

World’s First Personalized Rugged Android Tablet


AMREL announces the launch of Flexpedient® AT80, world’s first personalized, rugged Android tablet.

With the Flexpedient ® AT80 rugged tablet, you can:

  • Choose colors to match your style
  • Co-brand by engraving a logo on the tablet to promote your organization
  • Integrate application modules, such as Common Access Card (CAC) reader, barcode readers, fingerprint scanner, etc.

Weighing only 1.65 pounds and less than 1 inch thick, this rugged tablet is designed to meet MIL-STD 810G and boasts an unusually durable IP67 rating. Built from the ground-up to be rugged, it is far tougher than a commercial tablet in a hardened case.

Inspired by aeronautic design, the tablet’s one-of-a-kind proprietary channel shields connectors, modules, and sensors. The protective channel provides a wide area of mechanical attachment points for easy customization or integration of application modules.

“The Flexpedient® AT80 rugged tablet enables true off-the-shelf customization,” explains Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s VP of Operations. “AT80’s unique channel design allowed a two-finger biometric sensor to be added in less than a week. This biometric tablet will be used by a major league baseball team to monitor admissions at games.

“AMREL has sold rugged computers to military and Public Safety markets for 30 years,” explains Mr. Chen. “Leveraging our decades of ruggedness expertise, we designed the AT80 to be durable, mobile, and lightweight for industrial and commercial sectors as well as outdoor enthusiasts.”

Since rugged computers need less repair and replacement, they make economic sense. The Flexpedient® AT80 is especially well-suited for enterprise or personal use, because of its thin, lightweight frame.

Mr. Chen reports that AMREL is already fielding queries for specialized connectors, sensor modules, and joysticks.

Standard features include Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean), 8” 10-point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display, front/back 5 MP cameras, 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth®.

Available for order now.  Learn more at:


Visit AMREL at Unmanned Systems 2015

auvsi 2015.jpg 3Among the products on display will be the ROCKY RS11, the lightest, thinnest, rugged laptop in the world. Weighing only 5.5 lbs and just an inch thick, it’s a super-strong laptop that you don’t need to be super-strong to carry.

An onsite demonstration will pair AMREL computing platforms with Silvus’ Teamster MIMO radios to form a comprehensive mesh network that integrates a mix of UAVs, UGVs, sensors, and other IP-enabled devices.

 To learn more about AMREL unmanned solutions, click here.



AMREL at MCB Camp Pendleton

AMREL will be displaying its latest and greatest at MCB Camp Pendleton on Tactical & Tech Day, Wednesday,  April 22, 2015. We will be showcasing our line of super-slim, ultra-rugged laptops, handhelds, and tablets.

Special sneak peak! Come and get a look at some of our special products before they’re released to the market, including:

  • AT80 Rugged Android Tablet
  • DS11, a tablet so thin you won’t believe it’s fully rugged
  • Many others

Also, on hand will be the RS11 and the RV11, the world’s thinnest, rugged laptops with 13.3″ and 15.6″ displays, respectively. And you won’t want to miss our Android APEX AH53 handheld, so tough it has an IP67 rating.

Learn more about our rugged mobile computing solutions at:

Rugged Android Tablet Previewed at PLRB 2015 Claims & Insurance Conference

AMREL will preview its new, rugged Android Tablet at PLRB 2015 Claims & Insurance Conference.

“AMREL is developing mobile computer solutions specifically for the insurance industry,” explained Linda Talcott, Director of Product Marketing. “We thought the conference would be a good place to showcase our new Android tablet, and get feedback about the industry’s requirements.”

AMREL poured 30 years of rugged experience into the new tablet. Its revolutionary design utilizes a unique, patented channeling system that adds an extra level of durability to the tablet.

“This is not the traditional clunky rugged device,” declared Ms. Talcott. “We applied lessons learned from aviation manufacturing. Like rugged computers, airplanes have to work in hostile environments and withstand shock, vibration, as well as extreme temperatures. However, airplanes are also sensitive to issues of weight. Using aviation manufacturing methods, we created a lightweight, mobile device that can withstand pounding.”

Ms. Talcott is quick to point out that rugged computers are not just for outdoor use, such disaster areas.

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“People who purchase cheap, standard, commercial computers for the office are actually costing their enterprises money,” she said. “A rugged computer is more reliable, so it saves money on repairs, replacement, lost data, and worker downtime. A well-known study proved that the Total Cost of Ownership for rugged computers is less than for commercial ones. Rugged reduces risk.”

Like most AMREL products, the new tablet is designed for fast and easy customization. AMREL is well known for quickly delivering customized devices at low NRE, even for low volume orders.

In addition to the new Android tablet, AMREL offers a wide choice of handhelds and laptops. In addition to Android, AMREL’s offerings run on full Windows and Windows CE operating systems.

Ms. Talcott will be in AMREL’s booth # 376.

To learn more about AMREL complete line of rugged mobile computing solutions, visit:

AMREL launches line of fully rugged displays

AMREL announces the launch of MOJAVE, a complete line of fully rugged displays. Display sizes include 10”, 15”, 19”, 22”, 24”, 40” and 46”.

Ruggeddisplays“Many of our clients have been asking for them,” explained Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s Vice President of Operations. “Since we do a lot of customizing, we are very sensitive to our customers’ needs.”

With the rise of information-oriented warfare, there has been an increased awareness about the importance of displays that can take a pounding. Truly tough displays are needed for military command center, in-vehicle, and stand-alone applications. There is also interest in using AMREL MOJAVE fully rugged displays in the industrial settings such as Oil & Gas, mining, and logistics.

AMREL MOJAVE fully rugged displays have been independently certified for the demanding MIL-STDs 810 and 461. They have been built to operate in extreme conditions, such as:

  • Shock
  • Severe temperatures
  • Strong, repetitive vibrations
  • Water
  • Sand
  • Everything else a hostile environmental can throw at them

“While Mojave fully rugged displays are new to the American market, they have been successfully used by European and other defense forces for some time,” stated Mr. Chen. “Anyone who buys an AMREL MOJAVE fully rugged display can be confident that not only was it built with 30 years of experience of supplying military-tough platforms, but also its durability has been proven in extremely challenging conditions.”

For more information, visit

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APEX AH53, the New Muscular Android Handheld

AMREL announced the launch of APEX AH53, a rugged Android Handheld with a 5.3” display.ah53

“The APEX AH53 is the result of listening to our customers,” explained Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s VP of Operations. “They said they wanted four things in a handheld. First, they needed an Android operating system. Second, they wanted a big 5.3-inch display. Then, they wanted a powerful processor. Finally, we’re AMREL, so, of course, they wanted it rugged.”

The APEX AH53 Handheld features Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) OS. It also has a powerful Quad-core Cortex™ A7 1.2GHz, perfect for data-heavy applications

The APEX AH53 handheld lives up to the rugged tradition established by AMREL over the last 30 years. Throw it into water, cover it in dust, this IP 67-rated APEX AH53 still works. It has been built to survive 4+ feet drops and to successfully operate at high/cold temperatures.

“Our clients have expressed interest in using APEX AH53 Handheld for applications in logistics, warehouses, and data collection,” reports Mr. Chen.

Even though the APEX AH53 is tough as nails, it feels like a lightweight, commercial handheld. Approximately an inch thick, it weighs less than 14 ounces.

In addition to cellular capabilities, the APEX AH53 Handheld features include Bluetooth® 4.0 LE, NFC, camera, WLAN, and optional barcode reader.

For more information, visit:

Thinnest, Rugged Laptop with 15” Display is here!

RV11sliderclean1AMREL announced the launch of thinnest rugged laptop with a 15” display.  Leveraging 30+ years of experience of supplying rugged computers to warfighters as well as Public Safety officers, AMREL has developed a fully rugged laptop that is just 1.25 inch thick.

“Durable, rugged computers are traditionally regarded as heavy and cumbersome,” explained Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s VP of Operations.  “However, slimmed-down computers are becoming increasingly popular. At AMREL, we believe soldiers, police officers, and other end-users deserve the best of both worlds so we introduced our ‘Tough & Thin’ series.  This series is dedicated to reducing the size, weight, and power for their mission and application. The 15” ROCKY RV11 laptop is our latest addition.”

AMREL’s “Tough & Thin” series includes:

  • ROCKY DB6 – Atom-powered handheld that is the smallest rugged computer in the world with full Windows OS
  • ROCKY DF6 – ARM-based handheld which runs the Windows CE
  • ROCKY RS11 13” laptop – Only 1” thick
  • An Android handheld is expected to be released soon

“The ROCKY RV11 is an important member of this series,” states Mr. Chen, “because 15” is the size that most of our clients demand for laptop displays.”

Like all AMREL products, ROCKY RV11 is fully rugged.  Independently certified for MIL-STDs 810/ 461, and IP65, it comes standard with a durable Solid State Hard Drive.  Yet, it weighs only 8.16 pounds and is just 1.25 inches thick.

Despite its thinness, ROCKY RV11 doesn’t skimp on power. It has a powerful Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, well-suited for modern data-intensive applications.

Perfect for applications that require rigorous field work, heavy data input, and a large display, the ROCKY RV11can be used for:

  • Onsite Data Collection & Management
  • Front-Line Mapping & Situational Awareness
  • Oil & Gas, Mining, and Construction
  • Field Research & Surveying
  • Combat Control Solutions

To learn more about the RV11 click here.

AMREL New Rugged Night Vision Computing Solutions  

AMREL now offers a full line of turn-key night vision solutions, fully compliant with MIL-STD 3009 and CECOM (CSLP) standards.

“AMREL’s rugged laptops, tablets, and handhelds are the perfect platforms for night vision solutions,” states Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s VP of Operations. “The durability and reliability of our computers makes them practical for both ground and aviation purposes.”

The widespread use of night vision goggles has necessitated the adoption of light restricting filters for mobile computers. Aviation crews must be careful that the light of their laptops and tablets do not blind pilots who use night vision goggles to fly in dark, dangerous areas. Military forces on the ground are keen that enemies cannot detect their presence by using night vision goggles to spot light emitting from their tactical computers.

“Special Forces have used AMREL’s rugged computers for years,” explains Mr. Chen. “We are especially pleased that we can offer them this feature, which enhances their safety by limiting their detectability. Of course, our night vision computing solutions also meet the less stringent aviation standards.”

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AMREL’s Night Vision Computing Solutions virtually eliminate all infrared emissions completely, which is important, since night vision goggles usually work in that part of the spectrum. Overall light transmissions are restricted to just 2.5%. Other levels of light suppression are available on request.

AMREL Night Vision Solutions use the industry-leading SafeNight™* filters. These polymeric filters are nonflammable and offer full color rendering, which is important for mapping applications.

AMREL Night Vision Computing Solutions are available for:

  • ROCKY RS11, the lightest, thinnest rugged laptop in the world (13.3” display)
  • ROCKY DK10 fully rugged tablet (12.1” display)
  • ROCKY DB6 handheld, the smallest, fully rugged handheld with full Windows OS (5” display)
  • Other computing platforms available upon request.

For more information, visit:

*“SafeNight” trademark is property of CEVIANS, LLC – Formerly a division of Wamco Inc.