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Dear AMREL Computer Customers,

On September 8, MilDef Inc. completed the acquisition of a portion of AMREL’s rugged computer product lines.  AMREL remains in business and will continue its business and focus in the areas of biometrics, medical, and clean energy.

MilDef has been AMREL’s partner for over 20 years and has been a leading provider of ruggedized computers, electronics, and network systems in UK and European region.  Going forward, MilDef will continue to market, sell, and service AMREL’s clientele with the following product lines outlined below.

Lastly, we appreciate and value your continued business relation ship, trust, and support in AMREL over the past 30+ years.

To learn more about MilDef, visit:  For biometrics products, please visit AMREL’s mobile biometric product line for more information.

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(Product lines acquired and supported by MilDef Inc.)

For over 32 years, fully rugged mobile computer platforms have survived gunfire, combat, tornados, fire, mud, and car crashes. Whether they’re working on a moving train, running into a combat zone, or pursuing a criminal, warfighters, First Responders, and industrial workers know their ROCKY computers are as tough and reliable as they are. AMREL’s battle-hardened ruggedized mobile computers have successfully been used in applications for unmanned systems, biometrics, military & critical communications, Public Safety, construction, surveying, and many more.

ROCKY Computer Line
19”/2® Rugged Network Equipment

Mobile Biometric Devices & Rugged Tablets

(Current product lines designed, built, and supported by AMREL.)